what's up with that blog name?

What's Up With That Blog Title?

Many people have asked me over time, "What's up with your blog title?  What does FIG Milkshakes mean?"  So, I thought it time to type out an explanation - but as I was pondering this subject, I realized something...my train of thought on this one is a bit of a crazy train.  I'll admit, it is not one poignant, affecting story that inspired me to think of this blog title, but rather several little, seemingly unimportant ones.

To tell you the true fullness of what "FIG Milkshakes" means to me, we may have to go out for coffee, and you would have to listen to me drone on as I recalled boring details that would cause you to ask the barista for an extra shot of espresso.  You may tune my ramblings in and out as I passionately wave my arms  recalling the smell of the air, and the shape of the clouds.  You may try to chime in with your own thoughts, and quickly realize that this is not a two sided conversation...

Do you see what I mean?  I won't do that to you here, today.

To sum up the total of these experiences, I'll just say - as a child, I felt at home underneath the branches of a FIG tree, practicing my singing with my best friend on lazy summer days.  As a young adult, I was moved by the stories of FIGs in the Bible (particularly in Jonah).  As a mother, my children and I had our first canning experience making FIG jam.  And today - as I type this, I sit just feet away from a fig tree (on the other side of that wall there) - that resides in the back yard of our labor of love - our beautiful 100 year old first home.

So, to me, FIGs most represent the "fruit" of joy and grace (that grace which comes from God).  I feel my life is overfilling with joy and grace - so what to do what that "fruit"?  I can't think of anything better than to MAKE MILKSHAKES!  No healthy smoothies, or jam, not even pie - all much to practical!  But MILKSHAKES.  A sugary, refreshing milkshake that fits in one hand, and looks great in a vintage glass with a white and red candy striped straw!

To put it simply - to say, "FIG", is my way of pointing towards joy and grace - and, to say, "Milkshakes", is to say that I am grateful for this and want to enjoy it.



  1. When we bought our home in Arizona 5 1/2 years ago, we became the owners of two fig trees. At first, we didn't know what they were because the leaves were off. But soon the mystery was solved and we discovered how wonderful fresh figs taste. I love the parallels between our life here in the desert and the things talked about in the Bible. And all the references to figs! :) So it's cool that you named your blog after figs.

    I've made fig jam and eaten them raw, even put them into savory dishes. But never a milkshake. I might have to try that next summer when the figs are ripe...

    1. Oh, they're so good, and so expensive if you try to buy them in the store (if you can find them).

      The shame of it is - I have never had a fig milkshake either. It's just a metaphor. ;) I'll definitely have to do that, though. People keep asking me. Haha.


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