Thursday, February 16, 2012

My First Blog: An Introduction to Why I Feel My Life is Blogworthy (she types, choking back laughter)

Testing, testing...1, 2, 3.  Is this thing on?

Hello to all those out there kind, bored, or obligated enough to visit my blog!  This is a good place to say, 'Thank you (and truly)' for cyber traveling over to my little mouse hole of the internet!


Long have I admired the blogging community.  Whether we like it or not - blogs have entirely reshaped our lives over the last several years.  I am not blind to the myriad of empty blogs out there - but I also feel there are those that do some good with this readily available power.  

Filled with countless tutorials and advice - a blog can help an aspiring chef find just the right recipe to make, an unemployed penny pincher  make his own laundry soap, or just inspire and instruct a mom in taking better pictures of her loved ones.  With these mini magazines online, fellow blog enthusiasts can be exposed to amazing photographs that otherwise would have not been seen (probably my favorite of all the blogging treasures), or somebody in one corner of the earth can learn about and pray for a sick child thousands of miles away.

So, why do I feel my life is blogworthy (she types, choking back laughter)?  Not sure if it is.  Pretty sure it's not.  But, it sounds like good fun, and I think if it's done right, I think I can contribute something of worth to the blogging community (ooh, and to Pinterest!).

But if you need some convincing to come back and check in once in a while: I have a really rad 100 year old cottage style house that I will be renovating, two totally excellent girls that I (with my husband) will be raising, and what I feel is a wealth of DIY and decorating ideas - some of which already made, and others stored in "the vault"  (*points dumbly at ear, realizes mistake and moves pointing finger to head*) that I will be sharing along the way. 

I guess my point is this: If my life were ever blogworthy, it is now - while my kids are still young, my house is still unfinished, and my fingers are still carpel tunnel free!

And now ve vill commense ze picture photograph showing:



  1. I want to tape you.

  2. Wowza! I'm telling all my friends, who happen to work for Google.
    Also, I work for Google! When folks press the "I'm feeling lucky" link, they'll be taken straight to you!

  3. Good blog, Hon! You're very funny, and your writing style is dynamo! I don't know you, but I have a feeling that that cartoon of you is spot on...the personality and everything! And I've never met you, but your house is something any serious home decor aficionado would drool least I think it is, judging from the tiny smattering of photos you provided. I've never seen your house or met you or your kids or your husband or your friend Dan or anything.

  4. Awww...I'm so proud of you! Even if I weren't your friend or didn't know you (like that Elishiva Peach gal for instance), I'd still come back here. It's that good. (:

  5. Keep it rolling, Amy. Keep it rolling...


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