Friday, March 2, 2012

A Working Class Hero is Somethin' To Be

The girls and I have been very sick lately.

I mean, like...couch-ridden-Star-Trek-marathonin-sauntering-about-in-a-moo moo-and-Perry-the-Platypus-slippers-no-clean-laundry-no-clean-dishes-same-peanut-butter-jar-left-open-on-the-counter-for-four-days-S-I-C-K.  Sick.

The combination of being on the couch with nuthin' much to do and adoring Robert as he sweetly brought home dinner to his sick family each night (after an already long day at work) inspired me to make this very amateur comic for him.  Enjoy.


  1. What is the unicorn? Do tell.

  2. The comic's adorable, bye the way.

  3. The unicorn isn't anything from anything, really. Just a silly plush unicorn with super powers, singing, "My horn can pierce the skyyyy." :)

  4. Rats, now I want one.

  5. Just chanced upon your blog :) Hope you guys are feeling better. That comic rocks! Few follower here.


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