Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Me + Doug the Dog = Kindred Spirits?

Hi guys!

I'm not sure I'll ever be a terribly successful blogger simply because I have a hard time staying on task and updating often - I get distracted so easily.

I'll give you an example:


This is the current squirrel I have chosen over blogging:

HA!  Isn't this terrible?  You know, it's really a lot more shameful now that it's on the internet.  It didn't seem quite as bad before when it was just us pushing things aside with our feet to make a path to the bathroom...

If you can't tell - this is my craft stuff.  I've been avoiding organizing it for........oh......the last TWO YEARS.  It's okay, though.  I just wanted to spend every last second I could with my girls before my youngest finally started kindergarten - and I did.  How can you dare regret that?  But, play time is ov-a and it is time to get to biz-ness. 

I know it's shameful, but can you see it's potential?  What if I move stuff around a bit and open the windows shades?

There!  Look at those windows!  I can't WAIT to get this organized and get to creating stuff in here.

Somehow the foliage on the outside reminds me of Disney's Jungle Cruise, and I sit and pretend I am on Disney's Jungle Cruise.  I don't even know how to go about explaining that one, so I don't suppose I'll try.

I'll keep you folks


updated and let you know what it looks like when it's done.


I can't wait to see what totally excellent comment you will post! Go ahead, do it! Don't mind me....