Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Exciting Announcement

Nah, I don't have "an exciting announcement" - I just wish I had something exciting to say, and wanted to be cool for a moment .  What did you think I'd say?  Bun in the oven?  Perhaps you already know my brother is getting married soon and thought I would announce it on this post?  Nah, this here's the Amy show.  No guest stars. /wahaha  (Okay, not really - I hope you recognize my joking, flippant voice...)

I just feel a little guilty about both not updating the blog often enough, and also not having enough  terribly exciting things to post. Truth is, life feels a little bit in limbo right now.  We just got our tax return back and I have a ton of home renovation projects I'm itching to get to, but sometimes life has a way of sitting in the middle of the house and making you climb over and around it to get anything done.  It's not any one big thing...just, you I have been spending my days with mounds of busy work: mailing letters, paying bills, driving across town to pick up something I forgot...meeting with the wonderful working class heroes: the furnace and roof repairmen.

I wish I could pull myself together long enough to make a tutorial or draw a comic or something, but such is life and there ain't no tutorial, funny comic, or exciting announcement.

I did; however manage to pull these together in the past week:

This first is a robot I made for my nephew two Christmases (what IS the plural of Christmas?)  Anyways, it was a gift two Christmi ago, and he has since loved it enough that it was handed back to me for some patch work.  I doctored him AND gave him an upgrade of a laser gun. 

Welcome back, little guy - sorry one of your legs is longer than the other.

"What do you mean I'm not the exciting announcement?"

I also put this together to house Maggie's V-tech tablet.  (Which, btw moms, is highly know, by me for what it's worth...)  I take very little credit for this.  The single thing I did was sew it together.  It was Maggie who picked out the fabrics, she who chose handles over a single strap, and she who said, "Mom, I want it to have a happy hippo wearing a tutu."

Man, I love that kid.

Yeah, the tutu is a little high up there, but we're not fancy here.  One of these days I'll stitch some extra tulle in there and make her a little more modest.



  1. Arg...darn Spambots.
    Anywho, love the tutued hippo. And I think I'll adopt the "Christmi" into my vocabulary...only if you agree to accept "hice" as a plural of "house."

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