Monday, November 18, 2013

girl's room tour

Hey every buddy,

I know there are few of you out there ready to see pictures posted of the NEW place.

Well too darn bad.  I still haven't finished the "old" house tour!

Let me tell you what.  The first few days we settled in, the work went quickly - and the house came along nicely.  Things got put away with relative ease, and whatever didn't, we have an extra room to stick the boxes of books and craft supplies - to get to on our own time.  And, the house started to feel like ours almost immediately.  There is open space here, old windows, lots of sun coming in - all the things we associate with "home".

And then I went for a second trip back and grabbed the rest of what was left behind...  Oh you know - the stuff we either didn't truly NEED or care about enough to want to take on the first trip?  And now it's a mess again.  -_-  And my feet hurt.  And I feel like it's started back where we were last week.

So it's a process, but hopefully - this time next week, I will feel again where I felt this time last week.  And in this way we will move forward by moving backward.  See?

It's clear I'm delirious from hurt feet and heavy lifting and the first-day-homeschooling-jitters.  So let's get to the girl's room tour, because I have pretty pictures!  (And I truly hope to write more about moving in the near future, because I do have so much to write about).
Such a girl's Room.  Just about my favorite room in that house, even though it was the smallest.  It's oh so easy to fill a little girl's room with birdies and flowers, and lights, and sweet stuff.  So I did just what was easy.
Okay, so there's a door there behind that bed.  In my defense, if you'll scroll down, you will see that there are three doorways to this room.  (one doorway being this one, in which the picture is being taken FROM - I'm standing in it, but you don't really see a picture of it.)  We felt the room looked best with the beds facing this direction, and the kids wanted more room, so we just covered that doorway right up.  
The bed on the left was mine when I was a little girl, and my mum handed it down when I had a little girl of my own.  We purchased the bed on the right to match but not match.  I think it matches but not matches quite well, don't you?

The art is something I've been working on a while, and it's neeeeearly done, but we moved so I didn't get a chance to finish it for the girl's room tour photos - (which was, of course, the original plan).  I'll finish it one of these days.  I remember thinking and thinking about what I would want to paint for them.  What words would I want to convey to them that they would wake up in the morning and see, and read right before they went to bed at night.  Could it be "You are my sunshine"?  Would it be a Bible verse? But, it was the phrase "You are loved" that just seemed to keep popping back up in my mind.  As important as Bible verses are, this really is the whole message, isn't it?  So it just seemed to encompass it all.
This beautiful art of the girl looking up at the sky with the shield and the sword with the dragon silhouette in the clouds is from Elly McKay on Etsy.  I absolutely fell head over heels in love with her shop when coming across it months ago, and sat at my computer and "ooh"ed and "aah"ed at all the imagination and whimsy put into these prints.  She uses a unique method of creating her art, which you can find information about on her shop profile.
Can you see that the floors are purple?  This is actually a purple tinted stain, rather than a paint, and we just love it.  They, (and also the dragonfly clips clipped to the bed you see two photos up on the right) were actually inspired by Coraline's room in the movie, "Coraline".  Do you see the similarities?  The clothespin dragonflies are on the left, the purple stained floor on the right.
I know parents everywhere have differing opinions about the macabre aspects of this movie, but I've loved and respected the artistry of this movie and the attention to detail since the first popcorn inhaling, toe curling time watching it.  For me, it is breathtaking, and my all time favorite children's movie.  Yes, it's a little darker than most of the things I allow the girls to watch.  Other parents are probably right about this movie, but I just simply love it and love to share it with them, and sometimes that's all the excuse I need to bend the rules a little.  Suffice it to say, I have never offered myself to others as a parenting mentor.  :)

And here's this one again, just because it's my fave.   :)

All right.  I work for comments people.  Pay up.


  1. I stumbled on your blog from a pinterest photo of your art supply/binder organization. I know this is an old post but I was just so charmed by this room.
    I love the red door, the homey textiles, the simple but effective art placed around the room, the small details like plant in a tea can, etc.
    The floor is gorgeous--subtle but striking. I loved Coraline as well. Kids experience fear and they should learn how to handle it like any other emotion. Coraline was scary but not inappropriate imho.
    Going through your blog posts & your entire home is cute! I hope all is well with you & yours and that you continue blogging when you find the time :)
    zozo @ atelier zozo

  2. Thanks so much for your comment and your encouragement, zozo! I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed the post!


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