Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Copycat Owls

So, yesterday I blogged a little about fall decorations, and today I'd like to share this very inexpensive and simple thing I did to decorate for fall.

As I talked about a little yesterday,  my personal preference for decorating for the seasons is to do keep the cost and efforts low.  Although some of the more beautiful ideas out there are the intricate ones...I don't really feel I have the time to do something elaborate, or the space to store it for the rest of the year - so I really try to keep decorating for the seasons simple.  (That must be where I get my nickname, "Simple Amy", right guys?  RIGHT?!)

Here's one thing I've done to decorate for fall.  It was very simple and very cheap, so that's right up my alley!  (That's why they call me "Cheap and Simple Amy"...RIGHT?!)

I started with some cute Dollar Store owls.  I bought all three they had.  Having the whole set will make a better impression than just one.  This thought process is derived of one of the main rules of decorating.  As I hear experts tell it...collections displayed together make more of an impression rather than scattering them across the house.  Have you noticed all the pins on Pinterest of picture displays?  A collection of pictures grabs your attention more than just one. I find this is true for most household collections.

Now, these owls are pretty cute just as they are, but I found them to be a little childlike.  They might go well in a kid's room, but I thought painting them white might class up the joint a little.

Again, I don't really have any "instructions" per say, because the project is so simple:

I painted them, dude.  I did it outside.  I did about three light coats (to prevent dripping), and I used a flat sheen.

Here they are!

And what do you guys think?  Should they go here on the bathroom windowsill?  ---->

Or here in the living room using that rule of thumb for displaying collections together?

Here's some others I found online comparable to this humble project.  They differ a little, but I think this project is definitely worth it considering I saved up to $50, judging by the price tags on these!

 Above: Urban Trends Ceramic Owl Set $50

You could also very easily buy some silver paint and do something like this:

West Elm's Owls $51 for three.

There you have it!

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  1. They are comical! Love 'em ~ Dude! {wink}
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  2. Great milk glass collection! And I love the idea of spraying the owls silver...

  3. Greetings from Hawaii, Simple Amy! Those owls look so cute, Simple Amy! Miss you, Simple Amy!


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