Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Photos (Part Deux)

Hi friends!

Of course, I said in the last post that there would be more family photos.  Well, you can stop holding your breath because here they are!  :D

We started out by going to my our favorite park.  I love this park, but I have to admit, I have a hard time justifying my love of this park.  It's one of those things I attach to and geek out about, but when people ask me to explain it, I can't quite put my finger on it.  The neighborhood is shady...there have been stray dogs known to occupy this park...and the play equipment leaves something to be desired.  But, it's still perfectly imperfect in my mind.

I think it's the rusty jungle gym with the overlay of bright blue paint.  It's the way it's tucked around the corner and sandwiched between humble homes.  It's the undomesticated greenery inspiring my imagination to the far reaches of New Zealand.  It's the fact that I have lived here my whole life and never once been to this park...but one day on a casual walk, turned the corner to discover this sleeping beauty.  My yes, I love this park.

Okay, I love this one.  This is us most of the time.  Audrey is always messing with or hanging on someone.  Hubby is almost always making some comical, exaggerated response to that abuse.  I am often preening somebody (or cleaning something) and tuning out the chaos...and Maggie is often just chillin', taking it all in...and definitely always aware of the camera pointed at her.  This is probably my favorite shot just for this reason.  One small moment captured that tells the "story of us" it is in this moment in time.   

Darth Hubby wanted to look like a totem pole.  (I know he doesn't look like a "Darth", but you get the idea...he likes Star Wars, and the title "Master" just isn't happening.)  Anyways, if you count Mickey, I think we pulled of "totem pole" pretty well.  Maybe it'll be a new planking.  Oh, yeah - it's catchin' on!

Okay, a note about the above one.  I wanted to make one look washed know, just for funsies, because I'm a big fan of that look right now (check out Joy Prouty if you don't know what I'm goin' on about).
So, if you don't like it - don't let it reflect poorly on our photographer, Laura. This is my hack job. Laura originally had some beautiful, brilliant colors like in the above pictures, and it was funny - if I pressed, "auto correct", it would go back to exactly the way Laura had it!  :D  She knows her stuff.

These next pictures were more taken from the cliffs next to our house.

There were so many great pictures, but I'm worried about bogging down computers with a heavy post!  Ah, some things are just meant to be mysteries (or looked over with a cup of tea at my house, if you would like to come over and see them).  All in all...these are my faves.

I feel like this is the modern version of going over to Aunt Mildred's house for a slideshow of her latest trip to Wisconsin.   Thanks for lettin' a mom brag on her family a bit!


  1. UM. There are more coming I hope this isn't your last post!!!

  2. Hey! I know this park!! ;)The bottom 4 are my favorite. Audrey looks so grown with her dad :) That is so sweet. And your solo pic n the one with the little one (I forget her name on here)are gorgeous. I do like the washed out photo... although I dont know if it is the washed out part or everything else that I like?? Great job Laura! LOL at hubbys face in the third one it.


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