Monday, May 12, 2014

it is unexpectedly, beautifully white and begs for no color

We do still have a lot of stuff, that's for sure.  It's hard to be a crafter and a DIY-er without it.  Once you throw away that spool of vintage mustard colored thread it is a sure bet that it is exactly the color that matches the mustard corduroy pants you're trying to patch.

It doesn't really bother me - I've never found a comfortable seat on the extreme minimalist's bandwagon.

I know that "stuff" doesn't make us happy, but I just don't buy that it makes us unhappy either.

But boy, you sure are forced to look at your stuff when you have to pack every little paper clip, playing card and shishkabob stick to move across the state.  We had to give away a lot of stuff.  Some of it stung.  Some of it made us just laugh and gaffaw at the idea that we even owned it in the first place.  And all of it probably needed to be gone.

But this new house loves it.   I don't know what it is about this house - and I have to wonder if I just have a mother's eyes for it but this simple home loves the simple decor.

It's the professional model that you see featured in a magazine without her makeup and realize she is more beautiful natural.  It is the bare chocolate cake that you're hesitant to taste because it lacks frosting and sprinkles - yet ends up being the best cake you've ever tasted.  It is the small bundle of daisies picked from a wildflower field when you thought you liked red roses.

It is unexpectedly, beautifully white and begs for no color.  It is mostly stone and wood and wears natural ivy around its neck.  It is simple, and natural, and close.  Most importantly, it feels like ours (for now), and I am very grateful for it.

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