Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Since I was a little girl, I have fancied myself a pirate perpetually on a treasure hunt.  Living in the downtown district of my hometown, there were always thrift stores, yard sales, and a Factory 2-U (Oh, yes...Factory 2-U) available within walking distance.

There really is something so fun about going somewhere with $5 in your pocket and wading through cassette tapes, finished Highlights magazines, and cheap wicker baskets to peel back the funky sheets and find that perfectly glazed piece of pottery with a $2 price tag (and just enough room to hold your paintbrushes).  THE TREASURE!  (Is anyone else imagining hoisting it high as light beams and music radiate from it?)

Thrift stores and bargain bins are some of the fun, but it's also great to go to a dollar store on a lazy day and see what they have to offer.  Here are just a FEW of what I think are some pretty great things I have found at Dollar Stores:

So, recently I found some bowls at the "Dollar Tree" that caught my eye.  We needed new bowls, and the color is my favorite.  Of course, the price was right, so I picked them up:

Okay, I had intended to tell you what became of these turquoise beauties, but this blog is already pretty long, and if you're anything like're bored, I think I'll show you the simple thing we did to dress them up in another blog (if you're kind enough to be interested and return)!

Til' next time, folks!


  1. you *and I mean you personally* really do find THE BEST stuff at dollar tree. Can't wait to see you!

  2. Also your hart and sew link link goes to a blog owned by a woman that lives in American Fork literally 1/2 mile from me! hehe cool.


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