Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dollar Store Bowls

Okay, so my previous post was about treasure hunting in dollar stores and the different things you can treasure hunt for.  You may recall, I found these great bowls for a dollar each and told you I would write a separate post on what we did to make them "our own".

I love love love the combination of turquoise and red together.  This is on topic.  Those of you know who know me are thinking..'Oh my gosh, she forgot what she was talking about again...BOWLS, Amy, BOWLS' - but this all comes together in the end.

Here are some examples of this magical color combination I found on Pinterest.

(If you would like to know what sites these pictures lead back to, I just searched "turquoise and red" on Pinterest.)

As I was saying...turquoise and red.  Right?!?  RIGHT?!  You can see my point!  So when I saw the beautiful turquoise of these dollar store bowls, it seemed a great option would be to pair them with red.  I simply asked each of the family members to draw their own version of a heart on each one with a Porcelaine China Paint Pen.  I followed the instructions on the paint pen: create, and bake (this, by the way, is the ONLY time I consider myself to put creating and baking together - I am not so much the cook.)

Here is what we came up with:  

(I can guess what you are thinking, but my husband actually considers "Darth" at the beginning of his name a compliment...)

I'm super happy with how individual each family member's heart came out.  They kind of make me think of the individual bowls Goldilocks may have picked up at the Three Bear's table - Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Big Sister Bear, and Little Sister Bear.   Except each one, in my eyes, is "just right".

And lastly, here's how they look on our open shelving:


  1. Turquoise and red are definitely my fave combos. DARLING bowls!

  2. Splendid idea. I love that color combo as well.
    And your kitchen shelves are so photogenically arranged.

  3. What kind of paint do you have to use for this. I would love to do something like this sometime. A detailed how to would be in order. If you do one mail it to me please. Thanks!


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