Friday, May 11, 2012

10 on 10

I recently read about this project called "10 on 10" , and thought it'd be a lark (and also a cheap and easy stab at getting more traffic on the blog...).  You can read more about it in the link provided, but the idea is simple.  The gist of it is to take 10 pictures out of 10 hours of the day (yes, on the 10th of the month), specifically targeting the fun and beautiful things. 

Well, I spent the whole day doing this; but when I went back to the website to join the link party, the party had been CLOSED and I felt like this:

And yet I still felt consolation in knowing that I could still force you guys could still see them. 

It was a fun day.  Some of these images happened quite naturally as I was going about my day, and others I spotted before my hour was over, and thought to myself, 'I'll come back to that when my hour is up' - so, not so natural. 

I think some of them are obviously beautiful, and others I just enjoyed the way the light came in or they speak to me personally, and you might not particularly find them beautiful.  Suffice it to say, I had a hard time picking JUST 10, and ended the day feeling very grateful that things didn't get ugly while I was "finding beauty".

Do you see him?

And finally...the REASON projects like this exist.  Because as all this was going on...THIS was going on:

And this...

But those are KID-made messes, right?  They're almost whimsical messes with all their bright colors and fun toys taking you back to your carefree childhood.  Did you see through my rouse of showing you my messes without ACTUALLY showing you my messes?  Well, here you go, you bloodthirsty troll!

Oh yes.

Phillipians 4:8


  1. I have an update - I found the correct link and WAS able to join the link party! Yay! I'm not changing the blog, though - partly for time reasons, and partly because I enjoy that meme.

  2. yayayayaya! I'm glad you can join in! I might have to do this now that I have a bit of time to myself, and definitely 10 available hours of free time.

    Plus I occasionally post your blog to my facebook page so more people will hit up your blog.

    *yup I'm amazing*

  3. Might have to do this too...with my photo albums...since I lack a blog...

    BTW, I couldn't see him!

  4. love it! the orange ones are my favorites!

  5. It is a fun thing to do isn't it? Always nice to point the camera at the beautiful things. Love the first shot of your daughter(?) looking out the window.

  6. oh to be a kid again ... preferably your kid. Such a fun house! And I agree with Leanne- that first picture is amazing.

  7. I wish I grew up in your house! I love that first shot in the window. It's beautiful and needs to be repinned 1,000 times!
    x Jes,


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