Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo Dump

I wish I could hop on the instagram trend, but I don't currently have one of those cellular telephone devices.  You know what I do have?  A blog.  A blog and a few friends that are suckers love me enough to check it.  ;)

So, here's a little photo dump to get in on the fun.  I edited these pictures with, and I'm totally converted.  User friendly, all the amenities you could need - oh, and they're hilarious.  When I made a mistake, a pop-up would say, "Ex-squeeze me?"  And when you save your photos you have a choice between the Bonds: Roger (low quality), Pierce (medium quality), Sean (high quality).  It just brings a smile to my face, and that is always much appreciated. 


  1. Well you know that I JUST got a hand-me-down iphone and only because it was free. When it dies, I'll be returning to "blog only" blog form as well. Oh and I love picmonkey! So much better than photoshop. Mainly because it's free.

  2. Love these! My favorite is pinecones, went votin, pink hat, and crafts!

  3. Oh, that sounds fun...but I've been reluctant to try an app like Instragram (mostly because I'm a graphic designer and can doctor up my own photos, thank you very much *says the preceding in a lisp, clicks tongue*)


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