Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrift Store Stuff n' Stuff


I had the most freeing thought as I was waking up yesterday.  I would thrift store shop all day - and I did.  And it was fun.
Here's the booty!  (Get your mind of the gutter, I'm talkin' pirate booty - as in found treasure!)

Am I crazy, or is this cross stitch art really cool?  Look at all the detail somebody put into it!  I wasn't sure about bringing it home until I was told the price - ONE DOLLAR - and then I was all, "You're coming home with me, beautiful."

Another hand stitched find for 50 cents (This is small, about the size of my hand)

Although I do like the vintage look of this cat picture, I am not going to keep it - I bought this for the frame (one dollar).


I thought this vintage bottle of dog spot remover might look fun in the laundry room displayed with other vintage bottles.  $1.25.

I love a mug that looks like it's fresh off the pottery wheel (as opposed to one that actually is fresh off the pottery wheel, because those be pricey...)  This was one dollar, and I got two.

At $4, this was my splurge.

Some vintage pillowcases - $2

And this was my favorite find.  *rising, angelic music*  AH!  My heart actually started racing when I found them, and I fought the urge to hide them in my jacket as if somebody would try to take them from me or realize they were great and mark the price up.

How geeky is that?  Calm down, Amy -  they're playing cards, not the ring of power.  But it's not every day you find something like that for FIFTY CENTS!

Well, what do you think?  Am I crazy or genius?  Or am I right in thinking that I am CRAZY GENIUS LIKE A FOX!?  Would you have picked this stuff up, too?  Either way, I had a super fun day for only $12.25. 

Well, plus gas, which makes a total of about $50.  /wahaha

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