Friday, January 25, 2013

FELT like crafting...

Hi!  How is everybody?

I thought I'd like to share with you guys some things I made recently out of FELT (thus the HILARIOUS blog title...)

These first two were made over Christmas.  The ninja is for one of out dear friends, (his mom blogs here, at In Due Time Ramblings ).  I'm told he calls it his pocket ninja.

This next one was for a sweet friend who came over and fixed our heater free of charge right before Christmas.  I just wanted to give him something to show our appreciation, and it was well received even though I get the feeling a rugged man like himself would have more appreciated a summer sausage and cheese box.

These last two I made recently for my friend, Laura.  

She asked me a year ago a while back to make these for her:

And they're super cute, but I really don't have too much fun copying another person's design. I really enjoy the problem solving and design aspect of creating your own design; and thus, these felt cameras were born:

And the white one not all just pretty, it has an elastic strap sewn to the back and it is just the right size to stick some chap stick in there and take along with you, Lalo! See?

Also - I know Laura will likely recognize the camera, but for those who don't - the white felt camera was inspired by these old polaroid cameras:

All right, Laura.  Now comes the hard part:  actually getting me to mail them.  :D


  1. BAH! I love them!!!!!!! It's funny cause I had seen the pictures first and I thought to myself "and why haven't I gotten any of these!" Then I read the blog lol.

    1. HA! I had a suspicion you seldom READ the blog! Probably mostly because I don't take the time to read most people's blogs

      ...but I look at the pictures

      ...but I read YOURS! :D

  2. Pocket ninja is still played with daily! So cute! You need an Etsy store :)

  3. These felt creations are adorable! Great job!


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