Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tips for Getting Candid Shots of Your Kids

Hi guys!

Yesterday I guest posted over at Laughin' Lalo Blog,  (gettin' fancy around here) - and today Laura is guest posting here for us - yay!

So, does anybody else out there have this experience where your kids are in the perfect pose for a great shot, but the second you pull out the camera they strike this cheesy, "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Deville" pose?  Ha!  It's dear in itself, isn't it - but I have asked Laura to give us some tips on how to get those candid shots around the home.

Without further ado and all that...LaUrA!


Why hello there! My name is Laura AKA Lalo and I'm here to guest post on to Figmilkshakes my besties blog. Amy and I have been best pals since high school when we were in the plays together. I'm so happy we've stayed friends this whole time! I don't know what I'd do with out this lovely lady in my life. Over half of my life's fondest memories involve this lovely gal and her wonderful family.

As many of you know I'm a real live photographer! I have a couple of blogs Laughin lalo (personal) and Loupey lalo (professional)

I love camera's and sunshine, I live in Utah with my husbie of 1.2 years and we have 3 cats. 3 CATS...3. And it's currently snowing outside a lot so I skipped school again. It's OK though, just art history.

Did I mention we had 3 cats!

Anyhoo Amy and I thought it'd be a good idea to post on each other's blog's fun to do stuff like that.

My contribution to this blog is not only misspelled words but a quick how-to guide on capturing sweet moments with kiddos or just moments in general. But I'll start with a little technical know how:

Camera- if you have a DSLR and don't know how to use it, put it on auto and it'll be happy there. Then go online when you have spare time and find some tips on how to use it, you'll be able to expand creatively with a little background knowledge. Especially how to change your ISO, you'll thank me later.

FILM: If you have a film camera you probably know how to use it.

Phone, Tablet, or Point and Shoot

If you're using a phone, tablet, or point-and-shoot for photos be sure to have adequate lighting or your photos will be "grainy" or fuzzy. When using these gadgets for photos they come with an automatic lighting system that changes the ISO when needed. A higher ISO ( low light) expands grain (pixel) to gather more light but leaves a fuzz or colored pixel. So just try to take photos in well lit area's with these camera's, or the photos you take of grandma blowing out her 93rd candle will look funky. 

Food for thought: Megapixles don't matter anymore. Shocked?! Technology is great, nowadays most camera's come with anywhere from 10-15 MP,  and most places will try and sell you on big numbers of pixels when in actual life a 6 MP camera will do the trick for a nice 8X10 which is more than enough for your average photographer, just be sure save it at a 300DPI jpeg for printing.

MKAY! Now for the fun part! 

Taking pictures- Don't think too much! Take as many as you want (unless you're using film, that stuff's expensive!) But also try to live in the moment, sometimes the sunset is best when viewed and stored in our own memory bank.

Try to zoom in or change out lenses for the best results, try to remain casual about what you're doing. Most people, kiddos included, put on a show when it's picture time, and that makes it hard to get the sincere smiles or emotions. A lot of people get nervous in front of the camera, and put on a "this is my hot face" which is usually either a pensive look or duck face.

Never intentionally make the duck face, unless you're pretending you're a duck. 

 I usually ask questions or talk with them and snap away while they're telling me a story, don't be afraid to shoot from the hip or not look into your view finder/screen at all. Some of the worlds finest photos were taken by chance. It also helps if you have a ham for talent! Embrace dirty children, snarky teenagers, and messy mishaps. Those are things parents DON'T usually want but as a photographer I've seen all the clean well behaved children, I want real life! That's where the beauty is!

Beauty is in the imperfections.


  1. Now that one with the fairy wings in the dining room would be blown up & put up huge on the wall. I love it. Once again your children are gorgeous. I love love love visiting you. x

  2. Thanks, Niki! I love that one too, it has to be one of my favorites Laura has taken! I have thought the same thing about getting it put onto a canvas, but not a big one - more like 8x10. Do you think it would be weird to have a picture OF that dining room up IN that dining room? (The dining/living area is one large space)

  3. I absolutely love the idea of having it in the dining room. Perfect place for it. Like a mirror almost if you get what I mean. Depth & layers, ha. Such a moment captured in time. Niki x

  4. Wow, these pictures are wonderful! Thanks for showing them off and sharing the info!


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