Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Quick Project and a Little Wiser

Hi guys!

Do you remember those little frames I picked up for one buck each and used in the Christmas mantle here?   Well, they were too pretty to put away with the Christmas stuff, so check out their ultimate destination:

1.  Cut out a white backing using the previous paper pinned to the fabric as a template:

 2.  Cut the felt into squares of the same size to get letters that are also comparable in size

 3.  Cut out the letters.  (originally I thought I would separate the word, thus the dash, but the whole word fit on the wall, as you'll see below.)

4.  I opted to use felt glue instead of taking the tedious time to sew it together.  I had this on hand, so I used it, but for a project like this where the felt won't be washed, regular Elmer's glue would even suffice.  (Just don't use too much or it will soak through to the top.)

And this is my first gray hair.  Sort of exciting in a way.  I did not expect to see it, as I haven't heard anyone else in my age group talk about gray hairs quite yet (although some people have mentioned it AFTER the fact - I'm kind of going, "How do I not know this already when I've been telling everybody I know three times each?").  To answer your question:  I do feel wiser.  The nickname "Gandalf" has even been thrown around.  /hmm

(This was a hard picture to get.  I had to endure mocking from my family as I sat in the sitting room and took 15 pictures of the top of my head.  Worth it, though - because I look deep in it, huh?)


  1. Oh, girl! I have lots of gray hairs! I had some well-meaning lady come up to me at church and tell me that she found my first gray hair! :P I tried, as gently as possible, to inform her that I've had them for a while.

  2. What are great project with the frames..

    Ugh gray hair- I got my first one and freaked out!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Friday.

  3. On a completely unrelated note, one gal I follow on Pinterest has a board called "Age does not wither them" featuring pics of beautiful old people.
    (Surprised to see Matt LeBlanc on there!)


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