Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Walk Around the Block

Let me tell you, I could take you on a walk about three blocks from our home that would make you feel like you weren't in the desert anymore.  You would see houses with Southern style wrap-around porches, evergreen trees as though they had traveled from the forest, and even stone cottages with brightly painted doors reminiscent of England. (And then there are some things that remind you exactly of the desert...and I love that the best.)

On days when I feel my identity is the "to do" list, and I lament the feel of wetness around my belly from the dishes splashing up on it -  I get out for a walk, and look at much of this beauty.  There's something about this neighborhood that inspires me, there's something about the quiet walk that reminds me to count the ways I love thee - and after these walks, I find it is not only easier, but I am grateful and happy to get that bless-ed list back in hand. 

And sometimes I take a camera.... 

The picket fence.  A "dream home" staple, but also good to be readily available for killing vampires.

And guess what?  Somebody was throwing these out, and I grabbed them up.  Not sure what to do with them just yet, but, and sodium.


  1. I love walks around your block too!
    Just today, I took my bike downtown, explored the very edges of town...amazing how much I didn't recognize.

  2. Love these! Take me on this walk too.

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