Monday, March 18, 2013


I haven't done too much in the way of bringing a creative project to completion recently.  I have been doing little creative things in the way of doing art with the girls, and working on little projects for my brother's wedding, but nothing completed except this sooper quick, sooper simple fabric banner.  I made this craft when I didn't want to spend extra time or money to fill up the wall space.  :D  Ta da!

 Check it out:

1.  Pick out fabric and ribbon.  
2.  Cut fabric into strips (possibly change ribbon choice from black to yellow)
3.  Tie them on.  

And below I posted some eye candy for ya.  You can really see from these photos how you can play with the way you would tie them on.  You could tie them right at the end so just a little sticks up at the top (in picture 2 below)?  Do you want to tie them in a simple knot so they're wild and stick out (picture 6).  If you want a neater look, (like picture 4), you would bring the middle over the top of the ribbon, making a sort of loop, and then stick the bottom ends through the loophole - kind of like a tie...but not...but kind of.  




Very versatile project: long banners, short banners, fat fabric strips, skinny fabric strips, matching colors, mismatched colors.  Girls room, party, living room, wedding, craft room...SCRAP FABRIC BANNER ALL THE THINGS!

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  1. Wow! I have one hanging over my dining table right now! (It's for our Relay for Life booth, but I'm displaying it because it's pretty)


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