Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hi guys!

Thanks for coming back for the kitchen portion of the home tour.  Our kitchen is right in the "heart" of the home (right smack dab in the middle).

I like it being right in the middle of the house.  If you're going to have one room at the heart of the house, it's gotta be the kitchen, right?  Or should it be in the stomach of the house?'s not at the gross stomach so stop saying that.  It's at the heart, and it's passed through every time we have to potty or go on the computer or tell the dog to stop barking at people walking in the alley gets a lot of traffic (and I painted the floor white - I'm a genius.)

But alas, I am very pleased and blessed with the way it turned know...3 years later!  :)  Here's a before and after for ya:

This print above came from the very talented Shelli Dorf on Etsy.   Check her out.  She has such sweet, whimsical prints.  I also have to say I was very pleased not only with the print itself, but the service.  It arrived on a rainy day, and the mailman had left it sticking out of the mailbox.   I panicked a little as I opened it, and I was sure it was ruined.  What I found when I opened the envelope was a very tightly sealed second plastic envelope.  Not a drop on the print.  I was so thankful for the extra effort.

The frame above was a quick, cheap yard sale find that I wrote about here, and the writing inside it says, "Making soup is fun."  It's one of the first thing our wee-est one made in kindergarten, and it resonated with me.  I mean, who can argue with that?

Phooey!  We forgot to get one from the very same angle (above), but you get the idea.  I did write about the red sliding barn door, and it's been so handy.  It's pin on pinterest is also my main source of traffic into the blog. I love people - they all love a good, cheap, easy DIY just like me!

The above light is from Rejuvenation lighting, and I highly HIGHLY recommend them.  They have so many period piece lighting for older homes, and even a feature on the website where you can find the lighting that specifically matches the lighting that would have been common for the year that your home had been made - which is what we did here.  Our home was made in approximately 1920, and this is the type of light they would have used at the time.  Except I got it in red - which is sassier than for a light than the 1920 lights. And what should a light be, if not sassy?

 This kitchen "island" is made from my childhood dresser.  It is the dresser that matches the mirror in our living room I wrote about here.

I would like to go off on a tangent about this dresser, but I think I can milk a whole other post out of it, so that's what I'm going to do down the line.

I just recently added this little addition of the instagram prints to the refrigerator.  I kind of want to chuckle a a little and say, "Welcome to my Pinterest kitchen".  This is definitely an idea I stold directly from pinterest - no holds barred.  But, can I be a hipster jerk right now and just say I had a chalkboard and a dresser in here before Pinterest did?  (No?  That's not classy, right?  Okay, I didn't say that then.)

And that's, as they say, that - for the kitchen. (Why do I always want to say, "See you next time" at the end of my posts like I'm hosting a monster movie of the week on television?)   I need a catchy tag line to end every post without having to think about it so hard.

"See you next time for some new tasty fig milkshakes?"
"I think we've had our FILL of fig milkshakes for now.  Let's throw out our empty paper cups and..." No that's no good.
"Sa la vie and farewell and parting is such sweet sorrow, but alas we will meet again...when the....moon...." Erm...that doesn't work either.

Any ideas?  Anybody?

Smell ya later.


  1. Loving this Amy, your house is amazing, keep the pictures coming. Love it all. Beautiful home. Niki x

  2. Thanks Niki! I definitely appreciate the compliment and the comment! I'm thinking the bathroom is coming up next when I get a free minute!

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