Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alba and Julia

I had a friend call me up sort of recently wanting me to take photographs for an auction charity event.

I think her question to me was somewhere along the lines of, "You know how to take really nice photographs, don't you?"  To which I replied, "People seem to think so."

See here's the thing.  I reeeeeallly enjoy taking photographs.  I absolutely adore capturing my girls in them, and the privilege to be able to  keep that, and reflect on them brings me great joy.  But I know very little about my camera.  I know how to draw a mean comic in photoshop - but I've never learned to use it for photo editing.  I just take decent (but very amateur) pictures.

So, I haven't participated in the auction event yet.  I wanted to practice on somebody before I felt confident I could commit to providing something of value.  Our friends, Julia and Alba volunteered to be my subjects.  Thus ensued my first "photo shoot".  

No matter what the reason people ask me to take pictures - at least I'm always pleasingly stumped.  I'm always down to have an excuse to make time for art - no matter what the art, and if it can provide something for a friend or family that they can cherish (and otherwise would not have, then that's certainly my jam.)

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  1. These pictures are really great! How wonderful that you can use your gifting to benefit a cause you believe in! :-)


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