Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Shed

So, just kind of a random post.  We have this janky OHLD shed in the backyard that I've really grown rather fond of.  I've always had a fondness for old things that I can treasure hunt in.  As a kid I would go into a dusty old junk shop and imagine the Neverending Story book was hidden in there somewhere.

I fancy myself a pirate in that way - always searching for the hidden treasure.

Our landlord gave us free reign of this place!  Yay.

Of course, the thing that pops out to you must be the old window.  I haven't done anything with it yet.  :/  It's sort of funny, I am very fond of them, but when you live in an old house, there are plenty of old paneled windows like that - and adding one more feels like overkill.

Found those beauties.  Feel free to be jealous.

Some cool old plates.  I'm sure something will come of them one of these days.  Right now they just sit in the 112 degree heat out in that shed probably wishing they could die.  Or not - cuz, you know...they're hardware.

I found this crate type thing, and use it on a shelf to display a lot of our printed Instagram photos.

And then there's just these unexpected blue beams bracing the roof.  What is up with that and how cool, eh?
That's my color.  How did they know?  ;)


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