Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 100 Pageviews To Me!

Reached 100 page views today.  Color me tickled...

And picture me celebrating.  Sitting alone in a dark office, eerie glow of the computer lighting my face...I grasp a kazoo with my mouth and a coffee-filled wine glass in my hand - a crumpled up party hat perches atop my head. 


Gotta celebrate the little things...and since all of my current projects are under hiatus (due to the fact that Wal-Mart's craft section has left me wanting) - gotta blog the little things, too, I guess.

Here are some more of those little things (are they really so little?) I have been "celebrating":

  1. My four year old Maggie, said, "amuck" in the correct tense the other day.  She said, "You made   my bed all amuck!"
  2. We keep finding bunnies in the corner of our front yard.  One let us get really close yesterday.  They make me smile as I watch their fat tushies bound away.
  3. Found "James and the Giant Peach" for a buck at the discount book store.
  4. I wore my favorite vintage sweater today.  Itchy but stylish.
  5. Hubby got out of bed early in the morning.  When he crawled back into bed, I asked him where he went (just because it is so rare for him to get out of bed, ever).  He said, "Ancient Chinese secret..." then he paused and added,  "...having to do with urine."  That just made me laugh.

Til' next time, friends!

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