Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Popsicles

We did the Valentine's thing today for Audrey's class.

When these events come around where the parent is obliged to send in something, I often fantasize about Audrey bouncing into class proud to have a fun, handmade project that she and her mom have teamed up to create.  Smiling, Aud delicately passes them out, turning the best side of the project toward the eye line of the recipient.

In my fantasy, the children often say, "Wow, Audrey - These are great! Your mom must be really cool to help you make something like that."   (And a 9 year old me in my head says, "They finally accept us.")

And Audrey says, "Why, yes.  Yes she is."

Alas, my fantasy is quickly cut short by the fact that, in order to get such a reaction, I would likely have to put know...lots of work, and possibly money.  So, I weigh out my options in favor of a balance between something that still feels special to Audrey, but will be practical regarding both money and time.

This year I had a couple fun ideas rolling around in my head for Valentines cards.  One idea involved taking pictures of Audrey and cutting out holes for the legs (like a vintage dancing finger doll).  I thought the recipient could get a kick out of making the pictures of Audrey dance (although, I never asked my daughter how she would feel about it...).

But, Aud got sick right before Valentine's and much of our free time was spent nursing an earache, so we came up with an easier idea instead, which included mostly things we had around the house.  We called it, "Make -a- Popsicle"

The Supplies:

1. Tang
2. Disposable cup
3. Tongue Depressor stick
4. Scrapbook Paper
5. Rubber band, glue, and tin foil

The Instructions:
  • First, Aud cut out paper hearts and glued them to the top of the tongue depressor. Then she wrote each of her 26 classmates names on the tongue depressor (she wrote the names small enough that the ink would be on the "holding" part of the stick, and not on the bottom where the ink would seep into the juice.
  • We filled each cup with 1 1/2 tbsp of Tang (optimal amount for numiness). 
  • Next we covered the cup with a square of tin foil - this would serve to hold the Popsicle stick/tongue depressor in place both for the purposes of making the package look nice, and also for keeping it upright as the Popsicle solidifies in the freezer.  We secured the tinfoil in place with a rubber band.
  • From there we cut slits in the top of the foil with a knife and inserted the sticks.  We had to cut the slits because if we tried to force the stick through, the foil would rip.
  • Lastly, we made a little label for the deal that simply said, "Make -a- Popsicle".  I really wanted to put instructions for the children, but we don't currently have a printer, and we so didn't fancy writing them all out by hand.  In the end, we decided the project was simple enough that the children and the parents could probably figure it out.
So - a whole lot of fun!  This was a super simple, inexpensive project - I spent $5.00 on Tang and birthday cups.  On a side note, I think this would also make a great party gift in the summer. Most importantly, it was all stuff we could do together, and none of it was too complicated for Audrey to help with.  I can't wait for her to come home and tell me how it all went, and just how many of her friends think I'm cool.

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