Friday, March 9, 2012

Cereal Necklaces

Sometimes the girls and I make cereal necklaces for breakfast or a snack. (Mmmm...breakfast jewelry..*droool*)  Do you guys remember candy necklaces?  Of course you do. This is a fun cereal version of the sugar filled candy necklaces we all remember and love.    

Cereal necklaces are just that.  I don't think a customary list of instructions and supplies is needed.  Just these few tips:

1.  Elastic string is best so the kiddies can pull the cereal to their mouths.
2.  The littler ones who lack the hand-eye coordination to put the string through the cereal will likely  need a blunt needle tied to one end to help them guide the string through.
3.  Tie a single cheerio (or other cereal) to the other end to stop the others from falling off.
4.  The necklace itself isn't enough to fill up a belly, so have a big glass of milk or some fruit on hand to supplement.

My next blog will be titled,  "How to Make Shoes From Bacon" - so you can be looking forward to that.

And now ve vill commence ze pictures:

(the star shaped cereal is the "Dora" cinnamon flavored cereal - I think it adds something extra)

(The above pictures were taken with my film camera.  Laura says it is expired film.  Kinda neat.)  

 (They're even pretty when they're stuffing their mouths!) 


  1. Cute idea! I'm short on time, so I'll make one with shredded wheat squares.
    Your pics are adorable, by the way.

  2. Very creative! You are such a fun mom! Hey, you should make a way to follow by e-mail. Just cuz I'm no good with GFC ;) After all, it's all about me! :) Much love!

  3. Sure thing, Robin. I'll figure that out... Thank you for the kind words, guys!


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