Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've never considered myself one of the more "prepared" parents.

In my personal experience - one day I was staring at a little white stick, trying not to touch the wet end, shrugging and saying, "All right, let's do this thing." And, the next thing I know, I am holding a child in my arms, thinking, 'Oh, that's what all the fuss is about,' as I gently blow on her face to rouse her from her sleep to keep me company.

It is nine years later and most days I still feel like motherhood just mostly "happens" to me.  And, I (with my husband) do our best and pray God will take care of the rest.

Even so, I've never really considered myself at a disadvantage from any of the more "prepared" moms.  I think it becomes apparent early on, that no matter how many parenting books you read...or how much money you spend on Baby Einstein videos...no matter how big your box of "someday baby" clothes is...or how many years you waited until the timing was "just right"...

You can never be prepared for the day you say:

"Are you fanning yourself with your pizza!?"


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