Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hope You Had a Great Night!

Whether you were trick-or-treating, passing out candy, celebrating with a Harvest Fest, a Trunk-or-Treat, (or are part of the unfortunately named Jesus-ween) - I hope you had a great night!

I did learn one thing last night.  Hitler has ruined that mustache for everybody.

I kept trying to get Jarvis to make me a coffee, but he didn't respond.

They're definitely MY dynamic duo!

We could not get that little fairy to stop fluttering!

You know what I think one of my favorite things about this holiday is?  Little ghouls, fairy tale characters, superheroes, and astronauts all walking around with everyday kid's tennis shoes.   

Here's a couple photos from last year, I thought I would share (since I wasn't a blogger last year)!  :)

She was really in character and kept clawing at people.  I had to take her aside and explain that vicious cheetahs do not wear bowties.


  1. So the older one was Daphne?? And anyone who knows movies knows you were Danish actor Sven Selvitsin!!! He was in the movie "The Blue Monkey"

    1. What?! I just looked up that actor AND that movie, and pulled NOTHING up. So either, you just made that up, or that is the most obscure reference I have EVER heard. In which case...respect.

    2. Just so you don't go crazy people........................
      I made that up. Hitler stole the mustache from Charlie


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