Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"I Believe"

So, I'm told I'm not much for sharing.  Truth is, being transparent sort of ***exaggerated air quotes*** """Freaks me out."""  So when bloggers were getting together for a link party to talk about what they believe, I did not jump to join.  But, as I time went on, I kept thinking about it, and kept noticing the beauty all around, making me really assess this - so I wrote it anyway.

And here is my version of what:

I "Believe"

And let me just say as a side note...I'm a little sheepish mine is so long when Audrey's is so short and graceful - saying what she wants to say without overstaying her welcome.  But here it is anyway.)
  • I believe jumping on a big trampoline with children is the best calorie burner.
  • I believe in keeping some twinkling lights up all year round.
  • I believe in dollar store flip flops, pink scrubs, and towels straight from the dryer
  • I believe in tipping the waitress, even if she's mean.
  • I believe it was a mistake to forgo small town candy shops, drive-in movie theaters, and toy jacks.
  • I believe in drawing with pen around freckles to make them look like faces.
  • I believe in telling nighttime stories for Peter Pan, (but not so much in leaving cookies for Santa).
  • I believe in a long day of thrift store shopping.  Oh my, do I believe in a long day of thrift store shopping.
  • I believe someone who is hard to love is in need of that love all the more.
  • I believe in colorful felt, my husband's potato soup, and displaying your soap in a pretty dish.
  • I believe in learning some big words like, onomatopoeia, and antidisestablishmentarianism just to have them at your disposal if you need to sound smart. (In fact, I just blurt them out whether they pertain to the conversation or not...people are so impressed they just walk away silently because they know they can't compete with my intellect.)
  • I believe in humor
  • I believe in displaying grandma's crocheted afghan even if it doesn't fit your interior design.
  • I believe in occasionally crying for someone you've never met.
  • I believe in the wisdom of most cliches, like, "Actions speak louder than words", and, "Home is where the heart is."
  • I believe that dishes are some mystical evil and when you clean one, two grow back in its place.
  • I believe the best compliment I receive is when people tell me my girls look like me.
  • I believe in the unbelievable truth that one man could, (and did) die for the sins of the world.



  1. I was late on this link-up too ... don't worry. And I totally have three of my grandma's afghans sitting out at this very moment. No, they don't match the colors in our living room. Or our style for that matter ... but they are warm. And they are special. And they were made with lots and lots of love.

    Loving your beliefs!

  2. Love love love. My favorite was all of them.


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