Friday, November 2, 2012

Little Bit O' Progress

So, some of you have asked if I'm making progress on the craft room. 

Of course, those of you who haven't actually voiced your curiosity, are undoubtedly on the edge of your seats.   :D

So, here's a little picture of some of the progress being made.

I was excited to find the thread organizer at a thrift store for half of what Wal-Mart was asking.  Plus, I picked up those great jars for $3 each. The filing box is another great find for $12 at an antique store.  I really geeked out about that, and still get weird looks from people every time I get overly enthusiastic about a box.

Unfortunately the drawers will have to stay that way for a while.  It will be a bit of an investment to paint them and buy new hardware.  I don't mind - it will give me something to look forward to.

This little painting is what Maggie created here.

I probably just need a little more thread to fill in my organizer.  I'm sure it'll fill in as I go.  Any suggestions on other things that might fit nicely on those little wooden rod dealies?

All right, I'm going to go get back to it.  You lovely folks out in that thar cyber world have a good 'un!


  1. just so you know I was in fact on the edge of my seat! I'm so excited that this room is finally getting done! Maybe I'll help you paint and redo your craft room when we're there for thanksgiving. I have tons of paint! Yellow, blue, white, green. I'll bring it if you want!

  2. ALso I was with you when you found that box, and I too was wondering why you were so excited! I'm glad your still geeking out over it :)


  3. Cool dude. You can bring the white paint if you don't mind giving it up, but I'm not sure about painting while you're here. We'll probably already have a full weekend! Love you!

    Yes, I remember that you were with me! I also remember that you didn't get it! :D

    1. Touche friend. I don't mind giving up paint and yes I KNOW we will be supah busy and I'm looking forward to it everyday.

  4. I have to confess to a teeny bit of envy for folks who have craft rooms. :) How fun is that, and it looks pretty amazing already.

    Thanks for following along with me. I'm always happy to return the follow and look forward to getting to know you in blogland.

  5. cute craft room, and I love the filing box, I have one just like it!


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