Friday, October 12, 2012

Delightful Day

Hello all.

We had a delightful day yesterday.

It rained lightly all day, and the atmosphere was just too nice for working - so I took a break from organizing the craft room, tried out a new pumpkin spice latte recipe (Holly, you must come over and have these with me, dah-ling.), and Maggie and I sat down to create some art for eventually putting in the craft room (she used this flower for her inspiration).

I'll keep you guys posted on what we created!


  1. We await with bated breath for the masterpiece!!

  2. I love Chris! He's so mean but it's funny. I myself am intrigued! Love you dahling, and I might have to break a vow and try some of your latte! ;)

    1. I know - who uses the word, "bated" anyways? The same guy who still buys Encyclopedia sets - that's who! Ha. We love ya, Chris!

  3. Ahhhhhhh!!!! What was created!!!!! Ahhh!!!! The Torture!


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